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Lindapter Hollo-Bolt Coatings & Head Variants

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Lindapter Hollo-Bolt Coatings & Head Variants

Written by: Edina Ciuchilan

10/16/23  |  6 Min read

What is a Hollo-Bolt?

The Lindapter Hollo-Bolt is a versatile and innovative fastening solution designed for connecting structural steel sections, hollow sections, and steel-to-steel connections. One of the key features of the Hollo-Bolt is its ability to be used with various head variants and corrosion protection materials to suit different application requirements. Let's explore the different head variants and corrosion protection materials available for the Lindapter Hollo-Bolt:

Head Variants

Hexagonal Hollo-Bolt

This is the standard head variant of the Hollo-Bolt. It has a hexagonal head that can be tightened using a wrench or a socket set. This head variant is suitable for most applications where a secure connection is needed.

Countersunk Hollo-Bolt

The countersunk head variant is designed for applications where an architectural finish is required. It allows for a neat and tidy appearance when the bolt is tightened, as the head has a minimal visible protrusion.

Flush Fit Hollo-Bolt

The flush fit head variant is designed for applications where a completely flush finish is required. It provides a smooth, flat surface when tightened, making it suitable for aesthetic applications or situations where surface protrusion is not possible.

Choosing the right head variant and corrosion protection material for your specific application is essential to ensure the longevity and reliability of your connections. Lindapter's range of Hollo-Bolt options provides flexibility and adaptability to meet various project requirements, from aesthetics to structural integrity and environmental conditions.

Download our Hollo-Bolt Coatings & Head Variants brochure and find out more about real-life examples. 

Corrosion Protection Materials

Hollo-Bolt Coatings Options

  • Zinc Plated Hollo-Bolt with JS500: Zinc plating is a common corrosion protection method that involves applying a layer of zinc to the bolt's surface. When combined with JS500, a proprietary coating by Lindapter, the Hollo-Bolt gains enhanced corrosion resistance. This combination provides protection against rust and corrosion, making it suitable for both indoor and some outdoor applications.
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized Hollo-Bolt: Hot-dip galvanizing is a process in which the bolt is immersed in molten zinc. This results in a thick, durable zinc coating that offers excellent corrosion protection, even in harsh environments. Hot-dip galvanized Hollo-Bolts are commonly used in outdoor and marine applications.
  • Sheraplex Coated Hollo-Bolt: Sheraplex is a specialised corrosion protection coating. It is a multi-layer system designed to provide long-term resistance against corrosion. Sheraplex-coated Hollo-Bolts are suitable for challenging environments, such as industrial plants or coastal areas, where corrosion resistance is crucial.
  • Stainless Steel Hollo-Bolt: Stainless steel Hollo-Bolts are inherently corrosion-resistant due to their composition, made from austenitic stainless steel. These bolts are highly resistant to rust and corrosion, making them suitable for environments where regular steel would quickly deteriorate, such as in food processing facilities or highly corrosive atmospheres.

Corrosion Category & Examples of Typical Corrosion Environments

The durability of the Lindapter Hollo-Bolt is achieved by coating or by use of stainless steel and is categorized by Corrosivity Class in accordance with ISO 9223. Hollo-Bolts are also available with a special Sheraplex finish that is suitable for High and Very High Corrosion Categories C4 and C5.

  • C1 Very Low: Heated buildings with clean atmospheres, e.g., offices, shops, schools, hotels
  • C2 Low: Unheated buildings where condensation may occur, e.g., depots, and sports halls. Atmospheres with low levels of pollution. Mostly rural areas.
  • C3 Middle: Production rooms with high humidity and some air pollution e.g., food-processing plants, laundries, breweries and dairies. Urban and industrial atmospheres, moderate sulfur dioxide pollution. Coastal areas with low salinity. 
  • C4 High: Chemical plants, swimming pools, coastal ship and boat yards. Industrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity. Coastal and offshore areas with high salinity. 
  • C5 (I+M) Very High: Building or areas with almost permanent condensation and with high pollution. Coastal and offshore areas with high salinity.

Download our Hollo-Bolt Coatings & Head Variants brochure and find out more about real-life examples. 


Faster to Install

No drilling or welding!

Independently Approved

Reasons to choose Lindapter

  • Save time and money

    Save time and money

    Clamping two steel sections together avoids time-consuming welding or conventional drilling and bolting.

  • Safer connections

    Safer connections

    Drilling and welding in the field is avoided, removing the need for hot work permits and encouraging safer site conditions.

  • High strength

    High strength

    Lindapter clamps are manufactured from high strength materials to resist high load requirements and harsh environments.

  • Industry leading approvals

    Industry leading approvals

    Lindapter has earned a reputation synonymous with safety and reliability, gaining multiple independent approvals.

  • Adjustable


    Quickly align steel sections by sliding the section into the correct position before tightening the Girder Clamp to complete the installation.

  • Free connection detailing

    Free connection detailing

    Lindapter’s experienced Engineers can detail a custom connection based on your specific requirements free of charge.

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