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Industrial Dry Cleaning Facility

Berger, Skedsmo, Norway

Lindapter Girder Clamps provided a solution for securing secondary steelwork to the internal roof space.

Location: Berger, Skedsmo, Norway
Product: Type AF, Type AAF and Type LR Girder Clamps
Client: Nor Tekstil AS
Contractor: A Bygg Entreprenør AS
Installer: Castor Autogen Mechanical

Nor Tekstil are Norway’s leading textile and laundry service provider with customers across the country in many different industries. As a market leader they have a social responsibility and have consistently worked to reduce water and energy consumption. New technology and new laundry facilities are the main reason for the reduction of both consumption and emissions in recent years.

To meet growing demand for services Nor Tekstil commissioned a new, state-of-the-art, laundry plant in Skedsmo north of Oslo. The facility would be the largest of its kind in Norway and designed to be super-efficient. The project incorporated secondary steel under the main roof structure, to hang and transport textiles around the plant, which required a connection solution capable of taking the loads.

The roof was designed using HEB180 structural beams and the concept was to connect multiple sized European IPE beams underneath, to which the laundry equipment and machinery would be hung. Lindapter provided several connection details to accommodate the different sized beams and flange thicknesses and load conditions. The details included three types of girder clamp: Type AF (Heavy Duty), Type AAF (Heavy Duty + Adjustable) and Type LR (Medium Duty + Adjustable) to meet the requirements of each connection.

Following construction of the main structure and roof, the installer was able to carefully lift each IPE beam into position and secure them to the bottom flange of the bearing beams using the specific girder clamp for that location in a four-bolt connection. The adjustability of the girder clamps allowed the contractor to slide and align the IPE beams into the exact positions required, before they were tightened with hand tools. Installation was quick and easy with a total of 700 connections (5,600 clamps) being installed throughout this 88,000 sq ft facility.

The construction of the laundry facility was completed on time and handed straight over to the client to begin operating from the premises. Inside there is an impressive array of steel suspended from the roof which the contractor estimates saved them at least half the time to install using Lindapter clamps compared to welding. They were also very satisfied with the ability to adjust the position of beams in the future should the need arise.

The girder clamps have independent technical accreditations, including the CE mark (ETA-13/0300), TÜV, Lloyd’s Register approvals and in addition the Type AF has ICC-ES approval. These accreditations verify the load and slip capacities that led to successful installation.

  • High slip resistance for tensile & frictional loads
  • No drilling or welding required
  • Fully adjustable onsite for easy installation
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized finish offers a cost effective and low maintenance solution

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Faster to Install

No drilling or welding!

Independently Approved

Reasons to choose Lindapter

  • Save time and money

    Save time and money

    Clamping two steel sections together avoids time-consuming welding or conventional drilling and bolting.

  • Safer connections

    Safer connections

    Drilling and welding in the field is avoided, removing the need for hot work permits and encouraging safer site conditions.

  • High strength

    High strength

    Lindapter clamps are manufactured from high strength materials to resist high load requirements and harsh environments.

  • Industry leading approvals

    Industry leading approvals

    Lindapter has earned a reputation synonymous with safety and reliability, gaining multiple independent approvals.

  • Adjustable


    Quickly align steel sections by sliding the section into the correct position before tightening the Girder Clamp to complete the installation.

  • Free connection detailing

    Free connection detailing

    Lindapter’s experienced Engineers can detail a custom connection based on your specific requirements free of charge.

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