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Celebrating 90 Years of Lindapter International


Celebrating 90 Years of Lindapter International

Written by: Edina Ciuchilan

03/18/24  |  5 Min read

Ninety years ago, in 1934, Engineer Henry Lindsay embarked on a journey that would transform the landscape of steel connections forever. With a vision fuelled by innovation and a determination to simplify complex construction processes, Lindsay introduced an ingenious concept: clamping, a swift and efficient alternative to the laborious tasks of drilling and welding.

Little did he know, his inventive mind would pave the way for Lindapter International's well-known legacy.

The inception of Lindapter can be traced back to Lindsay's groundbreaking creation – the Lindsay Bolt Adapter. This revolutionary device, a single casting that transformed ordinary bolts into versatile hook bolts, swiftly gained approval for its simplicity and effectiveness. Thus, the fusion of Lindsay's name with 'adapter' gave birth to the iconic Lindapter brand. Building upon this success, the original Girder Clamp emerged in 1935, solidifying Lindapter's reputation as a leader in innovative steelwork connections – a legacy that endures to this day.

Throughout World War II, Lindapter's products played a pivotal role in the construction of vital structures, from air-raid shelters to Bailey Bridges, facilitating rapid assembly without the need for time-consuming welding or drilling. The adaptability and reliability of Lindapter's clamps proved indispensable, contributing to significant wartime efforts such as the construction of Mulberry Harbours and PLUTO pipelines.

In the post-war era, Lindapter's influence extended globally, with exports reaching countries as distant as the United States and Australia. The company's connections became integral to the construction of iconic infrastructure projects worldwide, from airports and bridges to sports stadiums and military aircraft.

Not confined to land-based projects, Lindapter's solutions found their way into maritime applications, securing piping and electrical cables on ships with steadfast reliability, ensuring safe and efficient voyages across the seas.

In 1981, reflecting its growing international presence, Henry Lindsay Ltd was rebranded as Lindapter International. This transformation marked a new chapter in Lindapter's history, characterized by relentless innovation and expansion into new markets.

In recent years, Lindapter has continued to push the boundaries with the introduction of groundbreaking products such as the Hollo-Bolt, a blind structural bolt tailored for use with hollow sections and tubes. This innovation exemplifies Lindapter's commitment to providing quick, durable, and reliable connection solutions that uphold the integrity of steel structures.

Today, Lindapter stands as a beacon of excellence in steel connections, offering a diverse range of products tailored to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. Upholding a steadfast commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, Lindapter remains at the forefront of technical innovation, delivering custom solutions and unparalleled service to its clients.

As we celebrate ninety years of Lindapter International, we honor the legacy of Henry Lindsay and his pioneering spirit. From humble beginnings to global renown, Lindapter's journey exemplifies the transformative power of innovation and dedication. With eyes set firmly on the future, Lindapter continues to shape the world of construction, forging connections that endure the test of time. Here's to ninety years of excellence and many more to come.

Faster to Install

No drilling or welding!

Independently Approved

Reasons to choose Lindapter

  • Save time and money

    Save time and money

    Clamping two steel sections together avoids time-consuming welding or conventional drilling and bolting.

  • Safer connections

    Safer connections

    Drilling and welding in the field is avoided, removing the need for hot work permits and encouraging safer site conditions.

  • High strength

    High strength

    Lindapter clamps are manufactured from high strength materials to resist high load requirements and harsh environments.

  • Industry leading approvals

    Industry leading approvals

    Lindapter has earned a reputation synonymous with safety and reliability, gaining multiple independent approvals.

  • Adjustable


    Quickly align steel sections by sliding the section into the correct position before tightening the Girder Clamp to complete the installation.

  • Free connection detailing

    Free connection detailing

    Lindapter’s experienced Engineers can detail a custom connection based on your specific requirements free of charge.

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