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Type ALP Adjustable Lifting Point

Standard rigging and lifting point adjusts to suit the beam width, flange thickness and orientation of the lift. Safely supports loads up to 3 metric tonnes.

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The Type ALP is an ‘off-the-shelf’ adjustable lifting point, designed to support loads up to 3 metric tonne (29.4kN) with a +/- 18° lift angle from the supporting steelwork. 

The assembly consists of a large 'Gunnebo' screw on load ring, which can be set in two orientations to suit the lift, and a slotted location plate with Type AAF adjustable girder clamps. Suitable for parallel or tapered beams up to 10°, with a flange width range of 70 to 450 mm and a thickness range of 5 to 26 mm. These adjustable features often allow contractors to use just one type of lifting point throughout a project.

Features & Benefits

  • Immediately available ‘off-the-shelf’.
  • Safe working load up to 3t (29.4kN).
  • Large load ring can be set to suit the lift orientation.
  • Adjusts to fit different sized beams.
  • Versatile and easily repositioned.
  • Suitable for parallel and tapered beams up to 10°.
  • Quick to install using standard hand tools.
  • Suitable for static loads only.
  • Lifting Points must be regularly inspected to ensure safe operation.
  • Safe Working Loads subject to the capacity of the supporting section.


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  • Material & Finishes: Type AAF clamps (low temperature SG iron, hot dip galvanised), Location Plate (mild steel, hot dip galvanised) and Load Ring (forged steel, painted).

Technical Specification

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Torque Figures* Clamping Range
Product Code Load Ring Countersunk Bolts Type AAF Set Screws Flange Thickness V Beam Width U Safe Working Loads (FOS 4:1) Max Angle of Load X
10.9 Bolt Torque 8.8 Bolt Torque
Nm Nm mm mm
ALP 3T-1 M16 100 M12 90 5 - 26 70 - 210 3t (29.4kN) 18°
ALP 3T-2 M16 100 M12 90 5 - 26 190 - 330 3t (29.4kN) 18°
ALP 3T-3 M16 100 M12 90 5 - 26 310 - 450 3t (29.4kN) 18°

*Torque figures based on bolts / setscrews in an unlubricated condition as supplied.

Faster to Install

No drilling or welding!

Independently Approved

Reasons to choose Lindapter

  • Save time and money

    Save time and money

    Clamping two steel sections together avoids time-consuming welding or conventional drilling and bolting.

  • Safer connections

    Safer connections

    On-site drilling and welding is avoided, removing the need for hot work permits and encouraging safer site conditions.

  • High strength

    High strength

    Lindapter clamps are manufactured from high strength materials to resist high load requirements and harsh environments.

  • Industry leading approvals

    Industry leading approvals

    Lindapter has earned a reputation synonymous with safety and reliability, gaining multiple independent approvals.

  • Adjustable


    Quickly align steel sections by sliding the section into the correct position before tightening the Girder Clamp to complete the installation.

  • Free connection design

    Free connection design

    Lindapter’s experienced Engineers can design a bespoke connection based on your specific requirements free of charge.

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