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Type GC Girder Clamp

Type GC Girder Clamp

The term Girder Clamp is a general one as it covers more than one design of Lindapter connection used to fasten together steel sections.

Girder Clamps can be used to connect to a W, HP, S, C, MC, Angle or any combination of them as well as other types and sizes of structural sections; they can also be used to suit any angular displacement between the sections, however acute, as well as variations in height.

The Girder Clamp is capable of being used in many loading situations including tensile, friction or a combination of the two as well as on horizontal or vertical sections. Capacities range up to 56 kips with a four bolt configuration, and with slight modifications to the design, this can be increased.

This flexibility means the Girder Clamp is not an ‘off the shelf’ item but individually designed and manufactured to suit your specific requirements.

The Girder Clamp Design Tool may assist you in selecting the correct assembly, based on your connection requirement:

For full specification and installation data please click the link below to download the Lindapter Product Catalog:


Material selected to suit application.


Bright Zinc plated, Hot dip galvanized

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Description: Type GC Girder Clamp