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Case Study

St Peter’s Prep School

Applications: Securing wind restraints


Lindapter steel-to-steel connections were specified for securing the wind restraints for the rooftop air handling units at St Peter’s Prep School in New Jersey. The mechanical contractor, AJ Celiano, turned to Lindapter for technical advice when they needed to install wind restraints that would not interfere with the noise and vibration isolation provided by the rubber pads underneath the units. They required a connection method that would securely attach the steel wind restraints to the steel roof without the need to drill or weld the galvanized steel.

After seeking assistance from Lindapter, the contractor benefited from Lindapter’s free connection design service and quickly received 2D and 3D drawings of the turn-key solution from their local authorised Lindapter Distributor, UCC Steelworks. The bespoke arrangement included steel beams and strut supports that were connected with Lindapter’s adjustable Type CF clamps. The assemblies were positioned and attached through the lifting lug locations just out of contact of the units, so the noise and vibration was not transmitted through the restraints.

Dan Celiano, owner of the mechanical contractor AJ Celiano commented ‘the installation went in quickly and we appreciated the solution and technical support service by Lindapter and UCC.’

Due to popular demand, Lindapter has expanded its range of Type CF clamps to include larger sizes to hook over the thicker flanges of larger steel sections. Like the other Lindapter High Slip Resistance (HSR) clamps, the Type CF is designed for high load requirements including frictional, tensile and combined load applications and it can be used in combination with other Lindapter clamps.

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