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Case Study

Manhattan Bridge, New York

Sectors: Building services
Applications: Pipe Support


Services Supports from Lindapter simplified a major pipework installation along the 5470 ft span of Manhattan Bridge, USA.

The 4” diameter pipe was connected to the bridge truss by Lindapter assemblies to enable fibre-optic cable to reach adjacent boroughs, completing Time Warner’s network for high-speed internet connection known as Road Runner.

Manhattan Bridge, which links the island of Manhattan with Brooklyn, has a main span of 1470 ft and an additional 2000 ft on either side. A total of 1200 Lindapter type F3’s enabled the pipework installation to be completed by Yonkers Contracting Company without the need for drilling or welding, no power required which was ideal for the length of the bridge span involved. In addition, since bridge refurbishment and painting was taking place simultaneously, the clamps proved ideal for speed and convenience of installation.

The type F3 connection is designed to suspend services directly from the flanges of steel beams. The product’s large clamping range made it particularly useful for heavy duty pipe installation. Lindapter also supplied threaded rod, pipe rings and retaining straps which significantly reduced the frictional forces applied to the pipe during the process of pulling the cable through.