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Case Study

Hartsfield- Jackson Airport

Sectors: Structural Engineering
Applications: Maintenance Walkway

Summary: Lindapter GrateFast connection provides 1.5 miles open grating solution for Hartfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta.

The project involved constructing 1.5 miles of light rail track along with 3 new stations at the Hartfield-Jackson airport and the surrounding area. Galvanized bar grating was attached alongside the track as a maintenance walkway.

The GrateFast floor connector was used to attach the open grate flooring to steel members in a matter of seconds, saving time and money in comparison with traditional bolted connections. Installed by just one person working from above the GrateFast removes the need for welding to steel and requires no special tools or especially skilled labor which dramatically cuts down on the time and the cost of installation.

The product can be used for securing grating to steel I beams, channels or angles, without damaging the protective coatings. Specifiers, manufacturers and installers alike can have complete confidence in the product's performance: extensive independent tests have been undertaken to maximize clamping force and vibration to guarantee the product's performance over the life of the grating. The product can be used as a permanent or temporary solution enabling the walkway to be removed and replaced when required.