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Sustainable Construction

Lindapter creates social, environmental and economic benefits in steel construction, supporting what BCSA refer to as Sustainability’s ‘triple bottom line’.

In comparison to traditional connection methods, the fundamental benefits of a Lindapter solution include a rapid installation, significantly reduced labor costs, and the preservation of steel integrity and coatings.

Reduced time on site means less disruption to the local community, fewer deliveries and reduced emissions. As only hand tools are required to install Lindapter products, noise, waste, and tool/welding consumables are avoided with the key benefit of a lower consumption of energy. Lindapter products allow on site adjustability and adaptability to different girder thickness and angle alignment, minimizing site waste, or returned construction components.

Lindapter products are available in various protective options such as hot dip galvanized or stainless steel providing supreme longevity. Lindapter’s patented clamping systems create potential efficiencies for future deconstruction as the product can be simply demounted and the steel removed safely and with minimum waste, allowing multicycling or reconstruction opportunities.