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Lindapter Clamps Provided a Quick Installation
Lindapter's Extended Product Range is Now CE Approved
Grate-Fast Secured Walkway on Iconic Bridge
Lindapter's Hollo-Bolt was Specified for Falkenberg Castle
Lindapter Helped the Contractor to Win Shell Contracts
Hollo-Bolt was Specified due to Wind Load Capacities
Continued Growth at Lindapter Leads to an Expansion
Lindapter Launch Offshore and Subsea Booklet
Lindapter Launches its Guide to a Faster Rail Installation
Large Pipes Suspended by Lindapter Steel Fixings
Circular Building Demonstrates Sustainable Construction
Seismic Approved Hollo-Bolt Specified for LA Skyscraper
Lindapter Launch Arts and Entertainment Booklet
Hollo-Bolt was Used to Secure Balcony Extensions
Project of the Month
Type AF Clamp was Specified for Subsea Tidal Turbine
Lindapter's Type HD Clips Used at New Hitachi Facility
Lindapter Specified for Eiffel Tower Projects
Hollo-Bolt Flush Fit was Used for Securing a Factory Floor
Hollo-Bolt was Specified due to Wind Load Capacities
Girder Clamp Secures 'World Leading Tourist Attraction'
Steel Contractor Doubles Speed of Construction
Type AAF Clamp Specified for Sky-Pool Structure
Lindapter Specified for Railway Platform Project
Hollo-Bolt used for Kings Crescent Retrofit Balconies
Hollo-Bolt Specified for 8-Story Facade Sculpture
Seismic approved Hollo-Bolt used on Californian stadium
Lindapter Launch Nuclear Applications Brochure
Hollo-Bolt Achieves Full Seismic Approval
Lindapter Launch 'all-in-one' Steelwork Clamp
Lindapter Launch the Type ALP - Adjustable Lifting Point
80 Years Pioneering Steelwork Connections
Hollo-Bolt HCF for Structural Connections
Lindapter Hollo-Bolt: Now CE marked
Lindapter Type HD was Used at Hitachi’s Latest Depot
Girder Clamps were Used for an Adjustable Pulley System
229 Cherry Street New York
Type AF Used by Deep Sea Divers 100m Below Sea Level
Lindapter Clamps were Specified for Car Plant Extension
Type AF Clamps were Specified for the New IKEA Store
Lindapter Clamping Systems Allowed a Fast Installation
Lindapter Decking Fixings Allowed a Quick Installation

Lindapter's Extended Product Range is Now CE Approved