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Lindapter CE Marked Products

January 2021 Update

Lindapter has invested substantial resources to ensure the continued CE Mark certification of its products after ‘Brexit’. Lindapter transferred its European Technical Assessments (ETAs) from the UK to a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) based in the EU. As part of this process, it was necessary to update Lindapter’s ETAs, Declaration or Performance documents (DoPs) and Factory Production Control certificates. There have been no changes to any Lindapter CE Marked product specifications or Characteristic Resistances. The updated documents are merely an administrative requirement to ensure the continued validity of Lindapter’s CE Marked certification.

The latest DoPs and Certificates are available to view/download from the links below.

Lindapter CE Marked products create additional security for Engineers, Specifiers and Contractors as product performance is independently tested and confirmed to meet an internationally recognised standard, in full compliance with the Construction Product Regulation 305/2011/EU.

Each of Lindapter’s CE marked products conforms to a European Technical Assessment (ETA) and the corresponding Declaration of Performance (DoP) lists Characteristic Resistances for use when designing connections to Eurocode 3.

Lindapter further demonstrates its commitment to quality and transparency of product performance, by increasing the number of independent accreditations to include CE Marking. Lindapter commissioned a Notified Body to carry out an independent and thorough assessment of its Factory Production Control System and product performance to confirm that Lindapter meets the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation.

Factory Production Control Certificates and Declaration of Performance documents are available to view/download from the links below:

HOLLO-BOLT® - ETA 20/0917 (previously ETA 10/0416)
Hollo-Bolt® (DoP No.001)

LINDIBOLT® - ETA 20/0916 (previously ETA 11/0199)
LindiBolt® (DoP No.002)

HSR & GIRDER CLAMPS - ETA 20/0918 (previously ETA 15/0537)
Type A & Type B (DoP No.003)
Type AF (DoP No.004)
Type AAF (DoP No.005)

ADJUSTABLE CLAMPS - ETA 20/0921 (previously ETA-15/0857)
Type CF (DoP No.011)
Type D2 (DoP No.007)
Type F9 (DoP No.010)
Type FC (DoP No.012)

Type LR (DoP No.006)
Type LS (DoP No.008)

FLOOR FIXINGS - ETA 20/0919 (previously ETA 15/0538)
FloorFast® (DoP No.013)
Grate-Fast® (DoP No.014)
Type 1055 (DoP No.015)

DECKING FIXINGS - ETA 20/0920 (previously ETA 18/0512)
Type AW (DoP No. 016)
Type MF (DoP No. 017)
Type AMD (DoP No. 018)
Type MW2 (DoP No. 019)
Type TR60 (DoP No. 020)
Type SD2 (DoP No. 021)
Type VN (DoP No. 022)
Type COM (DoP No. 023)